Skilled Staff of Pharmacy Mall

The staff of Pharmacy Mall is skilled and highly-professional. All of the members graduated from the medical and pharmaceutical colleges and high schools. They have qualified the requirements. We will ensure some details about our personnel below as these are the very people you communicate when buying drugs from Pharmacy Mall online.

Alice Harvey – The Chief Pharmacist

Alice HarveyAlice Harvey was born in 1980 in Brampton, Canada. Being 18 years old she moved to Ottawa to start studying in the medical school. Firstly, she strived to work as a nurse but after some time she understood she is more interested in the pharmacy sphere. She changed the specialization. She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a degree of master. Finally, she moved to the United States of America as has been offered a job to become a part of Pharmacy Mall online. She agreed and started a new life in the USA. She was 25 when entered Pharmacy Mall as a learner and now she is the chief pharmacist. She will help you make a choice, cope with any troubles appeared.

Ellie Rahman – Pharmacist

Ellie RahmanEllie Rahman is a young woman. She is 28 years old. She graduated from Medical School in Michigan. She started working in Pharmacy Mall in 2012. Pharmacy Mall was offered as an on-the-job training. She¬†approved herself as a responsible employee that’s why she was offered to continue working in our pharmacy mall. Ellie constantly visits the conferences and webinars organized by our partners to develop further in the pharmaceutical business. We are proud of having Ellie in our staff.

Elliot Sharp – Pharmacist

Elliot SharpElliot Sharp is 45 years old. He was born in England but moved to the USA. He graduated from Cardiff University. He has great experience in helping people improve their health conditions by means of medications. Moreover, he cooperates with scientific centers where takes part in clinical trials of new preparations. He believes the world medicine may be changed by high-quality generic medications produced by Indian companies and sold in Pharmacy Mall. The Internet pharmacies are the key element in ensuring a high-quality health care for people with various income. Elliot does his best to achieve the best results in developing this innovative sphere in the pharmaceutical business.