How To Improve Potency Quickly?

An adult male who has an active sexual life should have all components of sexual intercourse: sexual desire, prelude, erection, coitus, and ejaculation. If one component fails, the whole process of normal sexual intercourse is violated.

One of the most common male sexual problems is erectile dysfunction. This problem poison the lives of many men. But erectile dysfunction treatment in most cases is not so difficult.

Erectile dysfunction causes

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of the penis to get erected. This implies a partial or complete absence of erection, and the inability to maintain the erection throughout the sexual intercourse. To correctly select the course of treatment and to improve the erectile function, you should understand the reasons that lead to its violation. Erectile dysfunction causes can be divided into organic and to improve potency The main organic causes of erectile dysfunction include:

  • brain trauma;
  • chronic diseases (diabetes mellitus, etc.);
  • use of drugs that reduce libido and negatively affect the erectile function, neuroleptics, beta-blockers, diuretics, and drugs that lower the pressure;
  • hormonal problems (low testosterone level);
  • vascular diseases in the small pelvis area (atherosclerosis);
  • trauma and organic changes in the penis.
  • erectile dysfunction psychological causes usually include:
  • stress, tension, neuroses;
  • a bad relationship with a partner;

Psychological trauma, usually associated with unsuccessful sexual acts in the past.

As a rule, there are several reasons that have led to this disorder – a mixed cause of erectile dysfunction. Often, the primary reason lies in the organic nature, but when a man has problems with erection, the psychological component also matters: a man begins to focus on this problem, worry, even fear another sexual act and possible failure, so he only exacerbates the situation. If he does not see understanding and support from his sexual partner, the problem will be aggravated many times. However, every man should know:

  1. erectile dysfunction and impotence are different things;
  2. erectile dysfunction is a temporary phenomenon;
  3. the disorder is effectively treated, especially if a man visits a doctor immediately after the first sex failure.
  4. therefore, at the first erectile dysfunction signs, a man should consult a doctor. He will identify the cause of the disorder and advise an effective course of treatment.
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Erectile dysfunction treatment options

First of all, the doctor should prescribe a treatment only after careful collection of anamnesis, examination, results of tests. The physician, based on these data, will prescribe a treatment that will be effective for a particular patient: erectile dysfunction drugs, procedures, exercises that will quickly lead to the desired result. Do not practice self-treatment, since the uncontrolled use of drugs at best will simply not help, and at worst will harm the body. You can improve your potency by using the following methods:


Psychotherapy techniques for erectile dysfunction will be effective in the treatment of psychological erectile dysfunction (due to stress, deep complexes, etc.). This method involves not only psychotherapeutic sessions with a psychologist but also with a sexologist. The psychotherapeutic effect will be much better if both partners participate in the sessions. This method is especially effective in erectile dysfunction in young men.

Healthy lifestyle

This is the step that every man with erectile problems has to take, and anyone who wants to avoid such problems.

Often, the cause of poor potency lies in the wrong way of life: bad habits (smoking can affect man’s potency, alcohol should also be limited), lack of physical activity, fast food, overwork – all these factors have the most negative effect on the sexual health of men.

It is extremely important to lead a healthy lifestyle: do not smoke, do not abuse alcohol, observe the regime and do not eat fatty foods, do not forget to take vitamins and do sports (or at least do banal exercises in the morning), do not forget that the body needs rest.

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If a man is young, does not have any chronic diseases, then even a change in his lifestyle can give a positive result.

If erectile problems go into the middle stage, men will require intensified therapy. In this case, the doctor may prescribe any method of physical exposure or drug treatment.

Physical therapy for erectile dysfunction

These methods are commonly used in combination with the basic method chosen by the doctor. They are effective if the erectile disorder is in the middle stage, that is, not severe.

In this case, men use a vacuum massage of the penis, injections into the urethra and the cavernous body of the penis, or massage of the prostate gland.

In addition, the local negative pressure method has shown certain effectiveness. For this, the doctor uses a special device that has negative pressure. This method is safe, however, it has some disadvantages: for example, it causes painful sensations in the penile region.

Drugs for erectile dysfunction

The pharmaceutical market has many erectile dysfunction medications. But every drug should be prescribed by the doctor.

If you take them without a doctor’s advice, you can only worsen your sexual health.

The best erectile dysfunction pills: Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Kamagra, Avana. However, these drugs have a number of side effects and contraindications. Therefore self-treatment is not advised!

In addition, the doctor may prescribe intracavernous injections, that is, injections in the penis before sexual intercourse. The method guarantees good erection but has several disadvantages. From a psychological point of view, this method is not suitable for all, since not every man can volunteer to penetrate the penis. Drugs that are injected in the penis can cause complications, such as sclerosis of the penis tissues.

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In addition, such injections can be done 1 time a week.

There is an analog to penile injections, which is also effective (the effect lasts for 1 hour), not harmful and accessible. The man introduces theĀ intraurethral suppository into the urethra 20 minutes before sexual intercourse. The disadvantage of this method – it is not very convenient.