Pharmacy Mall: International Drug Supplier and Organizer of Conferences

Pharmacy Mall is a pharmaceutical platform well-known as generic drugs’ distributor. The stock of our pharmacy includes a great number of rare and common medications. However, it does not create any difficulties for our customers to quickly find the necessary products. Using the search box located on the front page of the Pharmacy Mall online, every customer is able in seconds:

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It is very easy and convenient to use the search engine of Pharmacy Mall. You should enter the name of the preparation in the search bar and click on the “Find” button. The system will immediately issue the current information.Pharmacy Mall Online_International Drug Distributor

Moreover, Pharmacy Mall organizes various conferences and symposiums like Minority Health&Health Disparities Conference. It gives the opportunity for the scientists to team up with each other to work out the most effective means for various health problems.

Pharmacy Mall Reviews

Every customer may read the reviews about specific medications bought at Pharmacy Mall. We select some of them for you read:

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David Browne

“After the summer rest in the camp, my child returned home with bronchitis transforming into asthma. We went from the camp straight to the children’s hospital. The pulmonologist prescribed Ventolin as the main component of complex therapy. The inhaler quickly and effectively removed the attack of breathlessness in the case of the spasm of the respiratory tract. This drug is always in our first aid kit.”

Emily Dyer

“Levitra is the very drug helping me amaze some women with my capabilities despite my age – 30 years. I cannot say that there is a need for regular use of this drug, but knowing the capabilities of my body, I use it to get much more satisfaction. The impact on the body is almost instant for 15 minutes. It does not cause addiction and discomfort.”

Matthew Hicks

“Last year, my grandmother, who has diagnosed high cholesterol, was advised to take Lipitor because it will surely help. I decided to read about it on the Internet. I read that it is used to lower cholesterol as an additional means to diet, as well as for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Diet must be followed necessarily before and during its use, otherwise, there will be no effect. And I went to the pharmacy, but it turned out that it was not so easy to find this drug. Having traveled all over the city, I was upset and returned home, looked through a raw number of online pharmacies and found Pharmacy Mull where I placed the order for Lipitor which helped my grandmother.”

Samantha Bryan

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Connor Ellis

Pharmacy Mall with Convenient Delivery Options

Our online pharmacy strives to make the life of our customers as convenient as possible. By placing your order online at our website, you can be sure you may choose yourself the delivery option. The first possible option is regular delivery which takes 2-3 business weeks. The second option is an express delivery bringing the parcels within 5-9 days. The delivery fee is $9.95 and $19.95 for regular and express options, respectively.

We will bring you a high-quality medical product for free. It depends on the total of your order:

  • if your order is over $150.00 the regular delivery becomes free;
  • if your order exceeds $300.00 the express delivery is free.

Discounts and Bonuses

We regularly organize promotions for our customers and ensure customers great discounts. When ordering medications on Pharmacy Mall website, you can save great money without denying yourself the opportunity to use only high-quality and proven pharmaceutical products. Follow the valid discount codes visiting our website. Among other things, we supply every order with free sample pills. Regardless of the order amount, every customer is eligible to choose one of the combinations: Viagra 100 mg × 2 pills, Cialis 20 mg × 2 pills, Levitra 20 mg × 2 pills.Pharmacy Mall Organizes 2014 International Conference

Pharmacy Mall – One of the Partners of 2014 International Symposium on Minority Health and Health Disparities

Pharmacy Mall, an online store, was one of the facilitators organizing Minority Health&Health Disparities Grantees’ Conference in 2014. This conference was devoted to minority health issues. We invite scientists engaged in health disparities research, healthcare and public health professionals, public policy professionals; community-based and faith-based facilities. This Conference has been organized to provide opportunities to share the theoretical and empirical information in the branches belonged to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, cancer, women’s and men’s health, mental health, infectious diseases, stroke, and behavioral and community health. The main analyzed category was minority health and health disparities.

This international symposium was succeeded and helped many scientists collaborate with each other to find the most appropriate means to improve the health care of minorities.